Baglietto unveils the interior of the new 54m under construction -hull no. 10231 – signed by Hot Lab Design firm 

13 December 2018

La Spezia, 13 December 2018 – For the first time Baglietto shows the interior of the 54m hull no. 10231 to be delivery in 2020.

The sleek and catchy lines are signed by Horacio Bozzo Design firm while the Italian Hot Lab firm designed the interiors. The naval engineering is from Baglietto: “The displacement hull #10231 is based on a brand new naval platform expressly tailored for this project. – said Michele Gavino, Baglietto’s CEO –  and we are very proud of it. During the tank tests we carried out at the CNR’s ship model basin in Rome we achieved the highest performance with smaller engines, less-consuming: an advantage for everybody also in terms of environmental impact”

The new 54m was conceived for a large family and it offers a layout which includes 2 master cabins on the main deck, 4 guests’ cabins on the lower deck and many areas that are customized specifically for the younger guests. The Owner has strictly worked in connection with the designers following two different sources of inspiration: “one more fresh and informal – states Enrico Lumini, Hot lab’s Interior Chief Designer – dedicated to the main salon and exterior areas; the other more elegant and refined for the private areas, the cabins and the formal dining room which is located on the upper deck’s sky lounge”

The style of the yacht has a real Italian flair thanks to the skillful use of uniform pale and natural colors. Nevertheless, she never looks ordinary as she is always enriched by the use of precious materials and rich details which gives in the Owner and his guests, a sense of wonder discovering new secrets hidden behind every single element.

In the interior the soft textures, the smooth but rigorous curves, the play of mirrors and texturing are enhanced by the massive use of ground lights which create a warm play of shadows. Every material and each single panel always look different because of their vertical high-rise. The Italian marble is greatly used as a tribute to the Italian architectural tradition. It is used as a decorative element of extreme beauty and is enhanced by the different use of sandy-colored woods, precious leather, brass and lacquered panels. The result is a modern and cozy  interior décor.

Finally, the great use of floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light all over the boat –a signature of Baglietto – resulting in the perfect combination between exterior and interior design.

The vessel in all aluminum will have a 10.40 m beam and 2.60 m draft with a transatlantic range of 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots and she will be in the highest class of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

The hull no. 10231 is an example of Baglietto’s total flexibility and takes advantage of its fully-custom production. At Baglietto, Italian design and craftsmanship, recognized all over the world, and the utmost care for customers go hand in hand with cutting-edge technology and performance. Baglietto can rely on a state-of-the-art, entirely renovated shipyard, capable of ensuring an average production rate of 3/4 yachts per year. To date, there are 5 yachts under construction at the modern La Spezia shipyard: a 43 m Fast Line HT; a 55 m yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design, to be completed in 2019; a 54 m craft and a 40 m vessel, both with exteriors designed by Horacio Bozzo and interiors by Hot Lab and Achille Salvagni, respectively, and both to be delivered in 2020; and – last, but not least – the production on speculation for a third 48 m model in the T-Line, the sister ship of the Silver Fox, has been initiated, with delivery is expected in 2020.

About Baglietto:

Italian boat builder Baglietto Spa, based in La Spezia, specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium light alloy yachts ranging between 35 and 50 meters in length and steel and light aluminium alloy displacement mega-yachts above 40 meters. The company’s activities also include world-class ship repair and refitting services, as well as the construction, under the Baglietto Navy brand, of military crafts – the seagull brand’s traditional business. Extending over a more-than-35,000 sq. meter area overlooking the Gulf of the Poets – a truly strategic area for mega-yacht traffic in the Tyrrhenian sea -, the shipyard recently completed an extensive reconstruction project that involved both its manufacturing and commercial facilities. Baglietto currently offers its customers a full range of products between 35 m and 65 m in length in the planing and displacement segments, plus the ‘tender’ line, with a 13 m and a 19 m MV model.



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