Baglietto Blueness
is a concept, vision, sensation and style. 

A story that began more than 160 years ago
and still has wonderful tales to tell, adventures just waiting to happen.

Passion for the beautiful and the bespoke,
in a worldwide style we are proud to call Italian.

Inspired creativity and the courage
to design and build what doesn’t actually exist yet.

Attention to detail
that jealously guards a great tradition
that is equally focused on the future.

Blueness is the light in the eyes
of anyone who sees their dream finally come true.

The passion and pride
of the people who have made it possible.

Blueness is the infinity of colours of the sea and sky
that give a sense of belonging and identity.

An inner quality and an outer expression.
Blueness are the 8B, the Baglietto way of life.

Discover the 8B of Baglietto.


Baglietto thinks outside the box, it challenges convention to chase and realise its owners’ dreams.

By raising the bar with everything it does, Baglietto pushes boundaries and continuously sets itself new challenges.


Baglietto takes customer care to the next level, gaining a clear vision of their desires and delivering products that embody them. Every detail is studied to reflect their personality and ambitions, before, during and after design and launch.


Balance sums up Baglietto’s philosophy on life and work. Always striving to achieve the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, the classic and the modern, physics and aesthetics, combining imagination and pragmatism, talent and performance, creativity and technique. Balance is synonymous with harmony, it is tangible and perceived: an approach to designing and building that delivers pure beauty.


There are no borders for Baglietto, by definition. Born on the land, it sails the seas, proud to be Italian but also a citizen of the world. No borders exist between the professions that work together to craft its products: nautical engineering, interior design, cabinet making, mechanics, decoration. Like a symphony orchestra whose every performance is unique and unrepeatable.


The courage to push the envelope and come up with new ideas, without ever turning your back on your roots. A heart that reveals a love for the sea. A heart that turns convention on its head to give its clients the best possible experience.


The simplest value of them all because it is unique and knows no equals. Baglietto is proud of its background and continuously reinterprets it. Guardian of tradition, explorer of possible futures. Baglietto accepts nothing but the highest quality because it has made quality its mission.


What is brilliance if not the ability to take everything knowledge and experience have produced and apply courage and brilliant intuition, rearranging it to take it to the next level and create something that didn’t exist before? This is exactly what Baglietto does, together with its owners: it creates something special, something inimitable and unique.


Beauty is influenced by time and culture but is always alive, pulsating, exciting, engaging and perceptible to all the senses. You can’t always put it into words but you can experience it. This is what drives Baglietto: to give its clients the chance to experience beauty. A vocation that is shared by all the women and men at Baglietto.