The Code of Ethics adopted by Baglietto S.p.A. (hereinafter, “Baglietto” or the “Company”) is a tool for the implementation of good conduct practices in business activities, in accordance with national and international legislation. The Code expresses the rights and duties, and the commitments and responsibilities to be assumed by anyone working and collaborating with the Company in any way.

The Code aims to define the improvement of internal relationships and the formation of an external, uniform and clear image, the abolition of opportunistic behaviour and the motivation of the maximum number of participants toward positive objectives.

To this end, Baglietto undertakes to create and manage an organisation with good rules that unambiguously manifest its values, are able to transparently identify conduct that is considered to be negative and express appreciation for positive conduct.

This Code was drawn up in a participatory manner involving company top management, employees and collaborators, with the goal of defining criteria of conduct with a positive ethical value shared as widely as possible within the Company.

The Code, therefore, is of a proactive nature: it is a tool that is not designed to sanction but, rather, is directed toward addressing the conduct to be adopted in business activities.

The principles set out in the Code of Ethics, as well as the corporate objectives and the strengthening of the capacity to create jobs, are pursued by ensuring that facilities and processes have suitable decision-making and operating safety standards that are propaedeutic to the development of corporate activity, the efficiency of selection mechanisms, business management, quality in management systems and risk measurement.

The need to share as extensively as possible the values which Baglietto acknowledges requires that these are defined and clarified in an official document. This enables widespread dissemination within the area of the Company so that all those who are part of it or who collaborate with it in any way can consistently comply with the principles set forth. Under no circumstances can the claim of acting in pursuit of an interest or benefit to the Company justify the adoption of conduct that is at odds with the conduct set out in this document.

The content of this Code of Ethics is, in fact, relevant for the purposes of preventing the offences envisaged and punished by Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and constitutes a key element of the preventive control system.



Baglietto S.p.A., based in La Spezia, has been a historic Italian nautical brand since 1854 and is an icon of Made in Italy yachting. The boat yard is specialised in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts from 35 to 50 metres and steel and aluminium hull displacement mega yachts exceeding 40 metres. This is also complemented by refitting and naval reconstruction activities of absolute excellence, in addition to military constructions, with the Baglietto Navy trademark, an ancient tradition of the Baglietto brand. The wide range on offer by the boat yard does not, however, limit the choice for Baglietto fans who can also count on the yard’s total flexibility, with a part of its production dedicated to full “custom-built”.

In February 2012, the boat yard was acquired by the Gavio Group, an international leader in motorway construction and concessions.

Baglietto’s impressive endeavour is not limited to activities dedicated to the construction of these vessels, but also concerns the important activity of developing and designing new models which form equal bases for future development and consolidation. Each of these projects consistently follows the fundamental conceptual lines distinguishing the yachts of past success, both in the recognisability of the style and in absolute observance of the marine qualities of sturdiness, reliability and safety which have always strongly characterised Baglietto vessels.

In addition to this constant attention to the product’s quality and reliability, Baglietto is always attentive to the issues of health and safety at the workplace, in full compliance with applicable legal provisions.

The Company has, therefore, launched the development of an integrated Corporate Management Voluntary System for Quality and Health and Safety at the Workplace, in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 international standards. The latter standard is a commitment to actively maintain, to be certified by a third-party Body and to communicate performance and goals externally.

Baglietto S.p.a. focuses on research and sustainability, thanks to new ecosustainable solutions and choices with low environmental impact.

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