Baglietto and Maui Jim: together to offer the purest essence of the sea experience

15 July 2022

La Spezia, July 13, 2022 – Baglietto is the Italian icon established around the world for its yachts, where the most advanced technologies meet unparalleled design solutions for elegance, luxury, and attention to detail to provide its owners with real “villas on the blue”, for almost 170 years. And it is no coincidence that over the course of its long history the seagull brand born on the Ligurian Riviera has made the royal families’, jet-set people’s, great entrepreneurs’, and artists’ dreams come true with creations become legendary.

With Maui Jim the dream takes the colour of the blue of Hawaii, the islands that, in the collective imagination, represent the absolute beauty of white beaches, thousand-colour seas and tropical forests to become glasses, the place where technology and design meet at the top of excellence to give the wearer the best visual experience, as well as indisputable charm. Exclusive, timeless, and immune to the ephemeral courses and recurrences of fashions, even the Maui Jim creations are therefore the result of pure passion and expressions of the most authentic luxury. The one chosen by celebrities in every sector (from sports to show biz) and everywhere in the planet.

Maui Jim and Baglietto: two different worlds blended in the same system of value that made them met and, today, become partners.

Indeed, Maui Jim eyewear will “dress” and protect the gaze not only of the owners who choose Baglietto, but also the eyes of the company’s management in upcoming international events (with the model Dragon’s teeth in carbon fiber with PolarizedPlus2 lenses®)

“We are very pleased with this partnership” – commented Fabio Ermetto, CCO of Baglietto SpA – “Both the companies are born and alive on the sea. But, above all, both are crafted from the love for the sea. And from today the magic of the experience we offer with our constant commitment to create cutting-edge yachts and designed as an extension of the personality and lifestyle of those who choose us, is enriched with a new light. The one offered by Maui Jim glasses”.

“It is with great satisfaction – comments Andrea Salmaso, Sales Director Maui Jim Italia – we announce the partnership with Baglietto. Both the companies share a true commitment to excellence and a vision of functional luxury. Leading the market thanks to the PolarizePlus2® technology of their lenses, Maui Jim sunglasses offer protection, more intense colors, and unmatched clarity. We are confident that they will make the visual experience of Baglietto customers even more unique both on board and wherever they are in the world”.

About Baglietto
Baglietto specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts ranging between 38 and 50 metres in length and steel & aluminium displacement mega-yachts above 40 metres. Baglietto can currently rely on 2 production sites, in La Spezia (headquarters) and Carrara (operating site). The La Spezia headquarters extend over an area of approximately 35,000 sq. m. Over the last few years, the entire production site has been extensively renovated and enlarged. Three new sheds (the last one was inaugurated in March 2020) allowing for the construction of yachts up to 65 m in length were built in La Spezia, as well as new fully-equipped docks, to berth vessels of up to 70 m. The operating site in Carrara, conversely, comprises 2 areas of 5,000 sq. m each. One is used to build military crafts, while in the other – now equipped with 4 new sheds – yachts up to 50 m in length are built. Baglietto’s activities are set to grow considerably, not only with regard to the construction of new pleasure vessels, but also in the military sector, with the BAGLIETTO NAVY brand, under which 2 crafts for the Italian Navy are currently under construction.

About Maui Jim
Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui, designed to protect the eyes from the strong rays of the island sun. Today, Maui Jim is the fastest growing premium eyewear company in the world and is sold in more than 100 countries. Maui Jim is recognized for its unmatched “Aloha Spirit”, customer service and advanced patented PolarizedPlus2® technology. All Maui Jim sunglasses block 100% harmful UV rays and eliminate glare, improving color, sharpness, and detail. Maui Jim eyewear has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation, thanks to their effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. In 2018, Maui Jim expanded the selection further, offering models structurally and stylistically designed to balance aesthetics with fit and integrity. Maui Jim comes in two clear lens options: Maui Blue Light Protect, to protect the eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens, and Maui High Contrast, which offers better resolution and sharper details. The sun and optical frames are created with the highest quality materials such as resistant titanium, light nylon, and colored acetate, produced in Italy or Japan.
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