“Baglietto, the atelier of blue”

6 May 2021

La Spezia, 6 May 2021_ In late 2020, Baglietto presented the new Company structure – headed by the new CEO Diego Michele Deprati, with Fabio Ermetto as CCO – and introduced a renewed product range, aimed at confirming the brand’s leadership in terms of innovation and technology, as well as adherence to its long-standing tradition. Now, the Italian boatbuilder takes another significant step.

The La Spezia-based Company’s restructuring process has involved its internal organisation and its entire vision, leading to a new brand identity and a new communication strategy: Baglietto Blueness. Blue meant not only as a colour, but as the embodiment of a whole system of values that places Baglietto – “The Atelier of Blue” –  in the perceptual position of the world’s leading high-end brands.

 “Our brand has always been characterised by its own, unmistakable, colour shade: Baglietto Blue”. This shade now becomes our unique, distinctive, recognisable and recognised iconographic element” explains Fabio Ermetto.

 Baglietto Blue thus establishes itself as an icon encapsulating the 8 Bs that outline the brand’s ethical values: Bold, Boutique, Balance, Borderless, Beauty, Brilliant, Background, Bravery (LINK TO THE VIDEO)

 “Blue is not only the colour of the sea; it is also the colour of preciousness, exclusiveness, prestige, and reliability. It is the one that best represents the principles we have always worked by and that have driven our brand’s growth and increasing success since 1854”, continues Diego Michele Deprati, Baglietto CEO.

Blueness is, therefore, a branding choice that not only states the brand’s identity but conveys its all-encompassing philosophy. It will be used in all communication touchpoints, thereby becoming a meta-concept, a category, a mind-set, and a way of life: Baglietto Blueness is, indeed, a concept, a vision, a feeling, and a lifestyle. Baglietto is now stepping into a perceptual, symbolic, conceptual and cultural position that incorporates brand philosophy, human touch, style, matter, the environment, and the product.

To discover Baglietto Blueness: www.baglietto.com.


Il Cantiere Baglietto:

Boat builder Baglietto specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts ranging between 38 and 50 metres in length and steel & aluminium displacement mega-yachts above 40 metres. Baglietto can currently rely on 2 production sites, in La Spezia (headquarters) and Carrara (operating site). The La Spezia headquarters extend over an area of approximately 35,000 sq. m. Over the last few years, the entire production site has been extensively renovated and enlarged. Three new sheds (the last one was inaugurated in March 2020) allowing for the construction of yachts up to 65 m in length were built in La Spezia, as well as new fully-equipped quays, to berth vessels of up to 70 m. The operating site in Carrara, conversely, comprises 2 areas of 5,000 sq. m each. One is used to build military crafts, while in the other – now equipped with 4 new sheds – yachts up to 50 m in length are built. Baglietto’s activities are set to grow considerably, not only with regard to the construction of new pleasure vessels, but also in the military sector, with the BAGLIETTO NAVY brand, under which 2 crafts for the Italian Navy are currently under construction.



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