Baglietto introduces new hybrid propulsion system to be installed on its yachts over the next few years

25 March 2024

Baglietto introduces new hybrid propulsion system to be installed on its yachts over the next few years

La Spezia, 25th March 2024 – Baglietto’s pioneering work and strong commitment to increasingly sustainable and green yachting makes headway, with the Italian boat builder actively engaged in pursuing and driving the energy transition in this sector, too.

It was in this spirit that the La Spezia-based shipyard partnered up with two internationally leading players like Siemens Energy and CGT to develop a new interposed hybrid propulsion system soon to be installed on Baglietto’s hybrid yachts.

The innovative interposed powertrain represents one more step forward in the Shipyard’s research in new environmentally-friendly technologies. After being recently successfully bench-tested, it will be installed on hybrid propulsion T52 and DOM 133 yachts starting in 2025. The new system will also, therefore, be fit for mounting on vessels built with the Bzero hydrogen-based technology. All components have already been supervised, verified, and certified by the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

“The new system will implement a hybrid-parallel propulsion architecture ensuring maximum flexibility, compact installation and on-board comfort, as well as improved mechanical and electrical efficiency – comments Baglietto’s CEO Diego Michele Deprati – Once more, Baglietto shows its determination to explore new, innovative paths in the implementation of alternative energy sources. And, in doing so, it moves one step closer to the goals already set with the Bzero system, aimed at reaching truly sustainable yachting.

More specifically, the new system – a latest-generation power train – consists of a Caterpillar C32 ACERT diesel endothermic engine and an ultracompact hybrid unit which integrates a low-consumption clutch and a 180kW high-efficiency electrical machine in an extremely limited space. The electrical machine has a dual function: it works both as an electric propulsion motor, to ensure noiseless cruising in the utmost comfort, and as a shaft generator system, to optimise consumption. The whole power train is then managed by Siemens Energy BlueDrive Eco, a cutting-edge propulsion control system.

This highly innovative solution was developed by Siemens Energy in cooperation with Stromag and Lucchi Motori – an outstanding example of the ability to combine the best technologies by joining forces with other companies in order to offer market-leading solutions and promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

The system allows to cruise in diesel mode, diesel shaft generation mode (without the gensets), electric diesel mode (with the gensets only), and full electric mode.

In the traditional DIESEL and DIESEL SHAFT GENERATION modes, the Caterpillar C32 ACERT main engines are compatible with the use of diesel fuels obtained from 100% renewable energy sources, i.e. HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil) and synthetic diesel fuels (e-diesel) compliant to standard EN15940. The latter, coming from highly renewable energy sources, ensure a reduction of up to 90% of the CO₂ emissions calculated over the entire life cycle of the product, from process start to its final use.

In DIESEL-ELECTRIC mode, the combination of a conventional diesel genset plus variable-speed diesel genset enables the yacht to cruise at speeds of up to 9 knots using bio-diesel fuels, thereby optimising consumption and saving main engine operation hours.

In FULL ELECTRIC mode, the latest-generation Li-ion battery packs with prismatic cells (safe, reliable, and expandable up to 900kWh in very limited space thanks to their high energy density) grant Baglietto yachts unprecedented range values in the ZERO EMISSIONS mode and far longer periods at anchor, always in complete silence.


Boat builder Baglietto specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts and steel & aluminium semi-displacement mega-yachts ranging between 35 and 65 metres in length. Baglietto can currently rely on 2 production sites, in La Spezia (headquarters) and Carrara (operating site). The La Spezia headquarters extend over an area of approximately 35,000 sq. m. Over the last few years, considerable investments were made to extensively renovate the entire production site: 3 new sheds for the construction of yachts up to 65 m in length were built in La Spezia, as well as new fully-equipped quays to berth vessels of up to 70 m. An approximately 1,200-ton travel lift – the largest in Europe – allows for the haulage and launch of up-to-65 m long yachts.  The operating site in Carrara, conversely, comprises 2 areas of 5,000 sq. m each. One is used to build military crafts under the Baglietto Navy brand as well as some models of the iconic brand Betram Yachts, which joined the Baglietto Group in 2015; the second area is equipped with 4 new sheds for the construction of the DOM line and yachts up to 46 m long.

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