Baglietto introduces two new projects pencilled by Francesco Paszkowski Design: the FAST50 and XO lines open up new horizons for the Italian boat builder

8 February 2024

Baglietto introduces two new projects pencilled by Francesco Paszkowski Design: the FAST50 and XO lines open up new horizons for the Italian boat builder

Milan, 8 February 2024_ At a press conference in Milan today, Baglietto presented two new product lines penned by Francesco Paszkowski Design bound to further expand the product range of the brand, which this year is celebrating its 170th anniversary. The 50 m project – the FAST50 – is the new top of the range among fast, innovative and hi-tech yachts, which have always been the hallmark of the La Spezia-based shipyard; with the XO line, in turn, the brand is stepping into a new segment, that of vessels designed for long ocean crossings around the world. The first model of the line will be the X50.

“These new lines – comments Baglietto’s CEO Diego Michele Deprati – are the highest expression of Baglietto’s core mission: innovating while also preserving tradition. Both projects are extremely innovative and set up Baglietto for even more success. Indeed, each and every one of our products – continues Deprati – looks ahead at the future, often anticipating it, without ever losing sight of its DNA”.


Real journeys are the ones made by sea, on vessels, not by train. The horizon should be empty and separate the sky from the water. All around, only nothingness, weighed down by immensity. Only then is it a journey.

(Erri De Luca)

Immensity as the only limit: this could be the tagline of the brand-new 50 m yacht concept illustrated by Baglietto during the press conference held in Milan today. XO – this is the name the boat builder has chosen for the new line – is not, or not only, an Explorer in the strict sense of the word. Rather, and above all, it is a new way of Experiencing, Observing, perceiving the horizon, which – to paraphrase writer Erri de Luca – is the only measure by which a journey can be defined. Explore, Experience, Observe – hence the name of the line, XO. Because on these yachts, the ability to make long-range crossings goes hand in hand with the opportunity to grasp their very essence thanks to an extraordinary panoramic point. A distinguishing feature of the project is indeed the observation point located above the wheelhouse, a unique and exclusive space offering an all-encompassing view of the surrounding landscape. Conceived for long-range cruising, the observatory becomes an entertainment area that breaks the monotony of ocean crossings. Large flush-fitting windows offer a 360° view, while the central skylight lets in fragments of sky and, with it, the enchantment of starry nights. Inside is a ‘visual room’, a protected, cocooning space furnished with comfortable cushions and sofas where to retreat even on the coldest days without ever losing the magic of the journey. Opposite the lounge area, 6 large independent monitors have been installed, which can also be used separately. Each screen can indeed be used to watch something different, together or independently, using headsets: just like on a plane, guests will thus be able to watch a movie or listen to the music, discover the chosen itinerary on the digital charts, and even experience navigation first-hand thanks to the bird’s eye view of a drone, free of any obstacles or barriers.

Creativity is often spurred by observing other realms: XO found its inspiration in the railway sector, more specifically in the famous ETR 300 ‘Settebello’, which back in the 1950s revolutionised the very concept of train. The XO line takes the innovative design solutions of this historic train – the characteristic driving station located above the passenger area and a first class panoramic lounge below it – and completely overturns them, keeping the pilot bridge on the upper deck and reserving the exclusive area above it for guests.

Though apparently in contrast with the sober, free-flowing lines of all Baglietto yachts designed by Paszkowski Design, these vessels preserve in fact many of the brand’s traditional stylistic features, maintaining the ‘work boat-look’ typical of an Explorer without the slightest detriment to their elegant style and beauty. The fly bridge reminds of the one found on the 16.50 m model, minimal and with flush-fitted glazed surfaces offering a breathtaking 360° view, while the upper deck models after the successful concept of a veranda opening on three sides of the T52, which has also served as an inspiration for the main deck.

Also drawing on the experience of the T52, the hull has been designed to undertake transoceanic crossings: the bow, in particular, is sturdier and sharper to ensure an easier management of ropes and faster crew manoeuvres even in extreme weather conditions. Safety remains a guiding principle also in the choice of generous areas for the storage of large tenders fit for cruising in very choppy, challenging seas.

Worth mentioning is also the aft area, to which access is gained via a large transformer. A central glazed hatch opens onto a multipurpose space, comprising a gym that can also be used while cruising and a spacious storage room where to keep outdoor furniture when the tenders are on board and store other items, like bikes, when the tenders are in the water.

The use of more environmentally friendly ceramic materials, the solar panels on the roof of the fly bridge (which can be used to recharge the numerous on-board water toys), and the choice of special paints are all solutions reflecting the shipyard’s strong focus on environmental protection.

This new line comes in a wide range of possible configurations – particularly as regards the aft area, which can comfortably host up two large tenders (up to 10 metres in length) – and in a rich palette allowing for unmatched colour customisation.

Yachts in this line will mount two CAT C32 engines delivering a maximum speed of 16 knots.

“World-class cruising, reliability, and performance in the widest sense of the word have always been universally acknowledged strengths of our brand – comments Baglietto’s Sales Manager Fabio Ermetto – and this specific model, conceived to travel even the roughest seas, is the epitome of them all”.


“Speed is the form of ecstasy the technical revolution has bestowed on man”

(Milan Kundera)

Baglietto’s latest project seems to have drawn inspiration from Milan Kundera: 50 metres, four MTU 2000M96L engines, and a maximum speed of 30 knots are the main features of this light alloy fast displacement model that has now become the top of the range of Baglietto’s FAST line pencilled by Francesco Paszkowski Design, confirming the shipyard’s leadership in the highly personalized aluminum fast superyachts.

Another key inspiration were the sleek lines of Baglietto’s historical production, real trend setters in nautical design: iconic boats like the Pachamama, the Monokini (which won the Compasso d’Oro award in 2016) or RUSH, last year’s WSA winner. The FAST50 retains the unmistakable family feeling of her predecessors while adding ‘quotes’ from the new course that the brand has undertaken starting with the T52. The design of the stern, in particular, draws on some of the innovative elements introduced in the more traditional line: developing on 2 levels, with the gunwale folding to convert into a swimming platform, the aft area is perfect to enjoy life in close contact with the sea, also thanks to the sunbeds in the form of chaise longues that offer an exclusive, breathtaking view. A transformer replaces the traditional passerelle, flawlessly preserving the yacht’s elegant line.

Just like the T52, this model is characterised by a smooth, seamless transition between interiors and exteriors, thanks to the ceiling-high windows that open on three sides on the upper and to the lower gunwales that maximise the view. With the ventilation ducts moved outside, perfectly integrated in the hull structure, the main saloon can rely on very generous spaces, hosting a lounge area and a TV area, while the dining area has been arranged in the sky lounge on the upper deck.

From the design of the ventilation ducts to the two fairleads at the stern reminding of sports car exhausts, many are the references to the automotive world on this yacht.

Unlike the fast models that preceded her, the FAST50 has 3 full decks and embraces the ‘wide body’ concept in the master cabin. This means even larger volumes without however losing in visibility, thanks to 2 silk-screened hull windows that offer a magnificent view while preserving the yacht’s streamlined profile.

Equally generous are the outdoor areas of the upper deck, both aft and forward of the wheelhouse: sun loungers and sofas furnish the area at the stern, while a conversation area and a pleasant private sunbathing area have been arranged forward, completed by a Jacuzzi hot tub at the extreme bow to take in the amazing beauty of the landscape while enjoying the utmost privacy.

Two VIP and two twin cabins, all ensuite, welcome guests on the lower deck. Moving forward, the crew quarters include a large dinette, the Captain’s cabin and 4 more cabins with pullman beds.

Worth mentioning is also the tender, which can be up to an impressive 7 metres long, stored in a float-in garage located behind the engine room.

The hull is fitted with limited-draught semi-tunnels ensuring safe cruising even in shallow waters.

The first unit in this line is currently under construction at the shipyard, with delivery scheduled for 2026.

“The FAST50 line is reintroducing Baglietto to the segment of high-performing yachts – comments Baglietto’s Sales Manager Fabio Ermetto – Top performances have always been part of our DNA, and the new top-of-the-range model reinterprets distinctive elements of our tradition to effectively respond to the current market demand. This means meeting the needs of clients who love top performances but do not want to renounce the comfort and luxury of a superyacht”.


Boat builder Baglietto specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts and steel & aluminium displacement and semi-displacement mega-yachts ranging between 35 and 65 metres in length. Baglietto can currently rely on 2 production sites, in La Spezia (headquarters) and Carrara (operating site). The La Spezia headquarters extend over an area of approximately 35,000 sq. m. Over the last few years, considerable investments were made to extensively renovate the entire production site: 3 new sheds for the construction of yachts up to 65 m in length were built in La Spezia, as well as new fully equipped quays to berth vessels of up to 70 m. An approximately 1,200-ton travel lift – the largest in Europe – allows for the haulage and launch of up-to-65 m long yachts. The operating site in Carrara, conversely, comprises 2 areas of 5,000 sq. m each. One is used to build military crafts under the Baglietto Navy brand as well as some models of the iconic brand Bertram Yachts, which joined the Baglietto Group in 2015; the second area is equipped with 4 new sheds for the construction of the DOM line and yachts up to 46 m long.


Established: 1854

Number of employees: 103

Daily average number of workers in related sectors: 700 people in the two sites in La Spezia and Carrara

New boats DELIVERED per year: 6/7 including both sites

Production value:  €140 millions (forecast 2023)

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018


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