Baglietto Navy, with Siman Yachts, secures contract for four TIRMA units for the Italian Navy

14 March 2024

Baglietto Navy, with Siman Yachts, secures contract for four TIRMA units for the Italian Navy

La Spezia, 14th March 2024_ Baglietto Navy, together with Siman Yachts – a company specialising in the construction of steel hulls – has secured the contract for four 33 m steel TIRMA (TIRocinio di MAnovra – ship handling training) vessels to be built for the Italian Navy.

With this new order, Baglietto confirms its strong focus on training activities, including in the Defence sector. Indeed, the contract acquired by the Company’s Navy Division will involve the construction of units used in the training of Livorno Naval Academy cadets. In particular, the vessels will be used to train internal personnel in seafaring and navigation and ship-handling skills. Thanks to these units, Naval Academy trainees will be able not only to become familiar with the “onboard” environment, but also, and above all, to learn dynamic manoeuvring and mooring techniques, as well as safety procedures.

In order to maximise their training potential, the TIRMA vessels will have features that fully reflect those of operating Naval Units: they will be able to carry 4 fixed crew up to max 20 people of the Navy Academy, in high living standards, and operate in both deep sea and harbour waters, as well as in shallow waters without requiring the assistance of tow boats, and in rough sea conditions.

The vessels will mount swivel blade propellers and be able to reach a maximum speed of 15 knots.

Construction of the first unit will start upon completion of the design stage, which has just started and will see Siman and Baglietto team up with the Italian Navy.

This new work order follows the construction of 2 Combat Boats (fast assault crafts), also commissioned by the Italian Navy, which were delivered to Fincantieri last year. Baglietto’s Navy Division is also building valuable international partnerships, like the one recently established with the British MST Group, based in Bromborough (UK) and specialising in the design and construction of naval small/medium military crafts.


About Baglietto Navy

Baglietto: a long tradition in the military sector. Many important chapters of Baglietto’s long history have been written in the military sphere. Starting in World War I, research and development in this sector strongly contributed to the brand’s growing prestige and positioning, soon making it a market leader. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and top skills in aeronautics and fast hulls, over the years the Italian boat builder has become one of the main suppliers of Italy’s defence institutions and the designer of crafts chosen by the Police forces and Coast Guards of many countries in the Mediterranean basin and beyond: from MAS (torpedo-armed motorboats) in World Wars I and II to VAS (anti-submarine warfare patrol boats), all the way to the minesweepers and patrol vessels built for many foreign Navies, Baglietto has made the history of military boat building.  The Baglietto Navy division was established with the goal of taking forward the long-standing tradition of the brand, adapting long-standing experience and advanced technology to state-of-the-art military applications.


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