15 March 2019

For the third year Baglietto will run the Milano Relay Marathon 2019 (April 7th) to raise funds for Sport Senza Frontiere with two teams:

Team Baglietto Silver Fox: Alessandro Minari Varese, Michele Gavino, Tiziano Giannessi and Francesco Zurlo & Team Baglietto Andiamo: Nicolò Busseti, Alessandro Diomedi, Christian Bonaldi and Claudia Bertoloni.

The funds raised are going to be devolved for charity cause. We want to give a chance to every child, even the ones who live in a difficult circumstances, to practice sports that can became an important instrument in education, for social inclusion and also for well-being of the whole community.

Last year we did great by reaching out the target of 3.700 euros

Help us to do even better this year!

Kids and representatives from SSF sincerely thank you for your contribution!

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