Refit & Repair Hub
A dream that lasts forever.
Imagine realizing
your dream,
again and again.
An experienced and devoted team manages renovation and repair projects and offers a 360° service to give your yacht a new life.
Our services Baglietto provides a wide range
of refitting services, guaranteeing
the highest quality standard.

Hauling, ship launching, docking and substitution of sacrificial anodes.

Mechanical repairing on all types of engines and transmissions.

Updating of navigation and communication systems, and audio/video equipment.

Carpentry, metal and fiberglass work.

Steel and alloy repairing.

Installations and maintenance of hydraulic and electronic systems.

Anti-corrosion and anti-osmosis treatments.

Professional painting.

Restyling and repairing of interiors, furniture and textiles.

Restyling and repairing of exteriors, fiberglass, steel and aluminum.

Expansion and restyling of the hull and ship structure.

Maintenance and repairing in the engine rooms and technical areas.

Latest projects.

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Silver Fox



Lucky Me

A strategic position

Our headquarters overlooks the Gulf of Poets, it’s near Pisa and Genoa airports and places like Versilia and Cinque Terre. A strategic position for superyacht traffic in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
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we will make them even bigger.
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It all Starts Here:
Inside a cutting-edge Shipyard
where dreams are built.

The Shipyard is our Home. It is the heart of our work
and the place where shipowners from all over the world meet.