CERTIFICAtion ISO 9001:201

Baglietto shipyard based in La Spezia has successfully accomplished the procedure to an integrated System of Corporate Management for Quality and was awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certification by RINA on 20th December.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms the commitment for Baglietto to get a quality management system acting according to the highest standard and best practices to ensure the customers products of excellence and quality are constantly improved.


Italian boat builder Baglietto Spa, based in La Spezia, specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium light alloy yachts ranging between 35 and 50 meters in length and steel and light aluminium alloy displacement mega-yachts above 40 meters. The company’s activities also include world-class ship repair and refitting services, as well as the construction, under the Baglietto Navy brand, of military crafts – the seagull brand’s traditional business. The wide range proposed by the shipyard, however, by no means limits choices for Baglietto owners, who can always rely on Baglietto’s total flexibility and take advantage of its fully-custom production. An example are the 54 m and 40 m orders that are currently under construction and expected to be delivered in 2020, based on brand-new, fully-custom naval platforms.

The Gavio Group, one of the main industrial group in Italy, acquired Baglietto in February 2012. The Group’s activities go from managing motorway networks under concession (it is the fourth group in terms of Km) to the realisation of large-scale infrastructure works, from the sector of transport and logistics to technology and nautical sectors. The yachting division of the Gavio Group also includes CCN – Cerri Cantieri Navali, specialising in the construction of 86’ and 102’ high-performing planning fibreglass yachts and the fully-custom ‘Fuoriserie’ line. Lastly, the Group includes Bertram, the inconic US brand specialising in the construction of sports fisherman boats.

The recent industrial growth plans by the Gavio Group, aim to prove Baglietto’s leadership once more, placing the shipyard among the major international yacht builders. In order to reach this goal, significant investments have been made since 2012, widening the shipyard infrastructures; in particular, the shipyard plants and workshops now occupy an area of 35,000 square meters, and two new covered plants for the building of motor-yachts up to 65 meters in length plus two piers allowing to moor motor-yachts of up to 70 meters have been completed. The shipyard can now rely on a new 3,600 sq. m basin with two 85 m docks, resulting in a larger number of available berths. At the same time, production has resumed on a full-time basis: Baglietto has currently 50 direct employees and can count on about 200 external craftsmen and suppliers working for the shipyard.

The big effort of the shipyard is focused not only on the production of new vessels but also on the related engineering research and the development of new models, ensuring the constant improvement and consolidation of the product range and of the shipyard’s activity as a whole. Each of these new projects coherently follows the conceptual design ideas that proved to be successful in the past, identifying Baglietto’s style while also respecting all the key naval features – such as stability, soundness and reliability – that have always characterised Baglietto vessels since the very beginning of the Company’s storied history.

In addition to the constant attention to product Quality and Reliability, Baglietto has always paid great attention to Occupational Safety and Health, fully respecting the legislative requirements relating to this matter.

It is indeed Baglietto’s firm belief that in such a specific sector there are continuous opportunities to improve both quality standards of products and work environment so to ensure the safety and health of all employees at work.

The continuous research of such opportunities and room for improvements as well as the respect of existing rules and regulations are the main tasks the Company and its managers have always pursued and will continue to do so.

Thus, the Company has started an integrated Voluntary System of Corporate Management for Quality, Safety and Health according to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 and it commits itself to keep it operative, to have it certified by a third part body and to inform the market about the performance and goals.

It is Company’s belief that this integrated System of Corporate Management will further Baglietto’s commitment in proving its capacity to supply products fulfilling customers’ requests for their satisfaction and with high regard for the regulations, the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health issues.

In particular, Baglietto’s successful goal will be accomplished as soon as the following tasks will be reached:

  • To always pursue product’s top quality through the active management and quality and quantity control of all operations, with special regards to purchased services and products;
  • To develop new technological solutions and look for technical and design innovations to meet and surpass client’s expectations and needs;
  • To focus on research and sustainability thanks to new eco-friendly solutions with low environmental impact;
  • To improve the personnel’s operational control activities to get a better product and reduce the possibility of accidents, injuries and professional diseases;
  • To increase the technical expertise and the capacity of work planning and work organization to find new ways for more efficient production processes and the reduction of injuries and professional diseases;
  • To control and respect all legal requirements within the Baglietto specific sector, with special regard to the occupational Safety and Health Rules and regulations;
  • To keep the project managers continuously updated on all Rules and Regulations related to Registers of Shipping, Flagship and International Rules about product, products’ safety and environmental impact;
  • To reduce the risks for workers (employees and contractors) through better supervision and the use of technologically safer equipment;
  • To grant the staff proper and prompt communication, information and training to leverage the occupational Quality, Health and Safety awareness and culture so to overcome the traditional practices;
  • To involve and look for the cooperation and participation of workers, consultants and each relevant party concerned – interior and exterior –so that everyone is a part of a process of improving;
  • To grant the Management’s constant presence and effective support to all corporate functions to enhance both the performance and the constant improvement of the Corporate Management for Quality, Safety and Health.
    Baglietto through the definition of these main goals that will be operational thanks to the identification of clear programs and plans, wishes to highlight its full commitment in ensuring an ongoing improvement of the business processes.

Baglietto through the definition of these main goals that will be operational thanks to the identification of clear programs and plans, wishes to highlight its full commitment in ensuring an ongoing improvement of the business processes.



After obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certification at the end of 2018, the Baglietto shipyard, based in La Spezia, has successfully accomplished the procedure to a System of Health and Safety Management and was awarded with ISO 45001: 2018 Certification issued by RINA on the 5th March 2020.

The ISO 45001:2018 certification is aimed to get a health and safety management system in the workplace according to the 81/2008 Rules and Regulation.

Recently Baglietto has also announced the subscription of a Code of Ethics aimed to encourage and guarantee the general obligations of diligence, honesty and fairness that must embody the performance of work activities and the workplace behavior both inside and outside the company.

“The 45001 certification marks a new and important goal for our company after the ISO 9001 Certification awarded last year and confirmed for the present year as well, and the adoption of a Code of Ethics inside and outside the company – says Michele Gavino, Baglietto CEO – This confirms the commitment for the shipyard to get a quality management system acting according to the highest standards and best practices to ensure products of excellence constantly being improved for the customers”.